Magnetic Encoders for Engines

Our magnet ring for engines determines very precise measurements of the position and the rotation speed of the crankshaft or the camshaft. They transmit an accurate and optimized input signal to the electronic control thanks to the sensor. Our solution pinpoints the precise position of the top dead center of the engine, helping carmakers improve their Stop & Start systems and fuel injection management.


The quality of the signal you can reach with Hutchinson magnet rings for the camshaft allows you to have a very good back up solution to replace crankshaft signal.



  • Speed measurement
  • Position measurement


  • Approved for operating  temperatures ranging from -40 to 160°C and peaks of up to 180°C
  • Can operate in air and in oil
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Magnetic characteristics accuracy


  • Reliability
  • Compactness




All Products Families for Automotive Precision Sealing Systems


Shaft Seals

They ensure the perfect sealing on rotating, or translating shafts under a large range of temperature. Our Dynamic Seals maintain lubricants in engines and transmissions while avoiding any foreign particles or fluid pollution.

Bearing Seals

Bearing Seals

Our Bearing Seals guarantee the sealing for wheel, clutch, belt-tensioner or suspension bearings. Compounds, friction surfaces and lubricants are chosen and designed for lowering the energy consumption.


Bonded Pistons

They transfer very rapidly hydraulic pressure to rotate or translate mechanical elements like clutches. Our compact design, associating homemade compounds and metallic or plastic inserts, offers a power efficient solution.


Magnet rings

Thanks to the magnet pattern printed in an elastomeric or plastic compound, our Encoders can accurately provide position, direction and speed of a rotating shaft. You find it operating in engines, transmissions and ABS systems.


Precision Static Seals

Braking, fuel, oil, air, water systems are operational if they do not leak. Their reliability results from our Precision Static Seals, made of approved materials, tailor made designs and mastered processes.



Our O-Rings ensure perfect static and dynamic seals between two parts assembled radially (shafts) or axially (covers). Our O-Rings can withstand the most extreme temperatures and fit in the smallest spaces. 


Grommets and Hole Covers

Our Grommets and Hole Covers let only a wire harness or the steering column pass through the wall. No dust, no water, damped sounds and controlled heat flows are its goals.Thanks to our designs and proprietary materials.


Bonded and Overmolded Seals

We provide highly effective static sealing solutions with maximum resistance to very high pressure and temperature such as: Access Panels, Flange Seals, Interface Seals, DT Seals.