hutchinson revea materials

revea®: New Brands for Sustainable Materials

Thanks to its expertise in materials, Hutchinson introduces, in addition to its resolutions® eco-label, a new range of sustainable materials under three brands, each focusing on a specific material expertise.

hutchinson resolution

resolutions®: the new eco-label by Hutchinson

We have embraced a culture of constant reinvention for over 170 years. This legacy of innovation continues today as we pioneer materials and solutions that contribute to greater sustainability. In this context, Hutchinson is introducing its eco-label* resolutions® for its sustainable solutions. 

hutchinson bonded seal hvac

Electrification: Hutchinson develops a new elastomer material for sealing CO2 (R744) heat pumps

In a bid to support the switchover to electric vehicles, Hutchinson has pioneered a new elastomer compound for Volkswagen that is capable of withstanding the operating constraints of R744, a refrigerant that holds plenty of promise for the thermal management of electric and hybrid vehicles, but which requires all the circuit components to be adapted, especially the sealing parts. 

hutchinson battery pack new material

Automotive: Hutchinson develops a new fire-resistant, halogen-free material for battery packs

As the world continues switching over to electric vehicles, battery safety is a major challenge for car manufacturers. Hutchinson is leading the innovation curve with a new EPDM material for effectively sealing battery packs.