Variable Function Insert (VFI) | Hutchinson
Variable Function Insert

Our VFI solution is fitted inside the tires of military and security vehicles. If the tire is punctured, it supports the wheel so that the vehicle can continue to be used for the rest of the mission. It absorbs shocks without damaging the tire, improves steering control and braking and increases traction and clearance capacity. Thanks to our Runflat Wheel Assembly solutions, military vehicles with a flat tire can continue to be used on any terrain. They're easily assembled anywhere in the field without specific tools or machines.

  • Products Family: Tire Saver Shields

Technical Features

  • Includes a rubber mobility system.
  • Works with all tires and flat rims.
  • Excellent protection against ballistic impacts.
  • Includes an internal Beadlock™, which clamps the tire beads on the rim at reduced or zero pressure.


  • Safety
  • Reliability