SmartDamper® | Hutchinson
Active Mass Damper

Our SmartDamper® neutralizes vibrations and improves the acoustic comfort for vehicles' drivers and passengers. It also contributes to CO2 emissions reduction by enabling the implementation of innovative solutions to reduce fuel consumption, weight and emissions. Removing balance shafts in 4 and 3 cylinder engines, downsizing engines, and applying cylinder deactivation are some examples. It solves the most complex NVH issues by addressing several engine orders simultaneously and provides unique NVH performance. Our SmartDamper® is designed to cancel vibrations from engines, particularly internal combustion engines, guaranteeing superior passenger comfort when the vehicle is at idle or in motion.

  • Products Family: Engine Suspension NVH & Acoustics

Technical Features

  • The comprehensive system includes an electromagnetic inertial actuator, a sensor and an electronic control unit.
  • Operates in a closed-loop control connected to the vehicle CAN.
  • Does not attach to the engine mount system.


  • Sensor Integration
  • Energy Efficiency