DAP + STRETCHY BELT | Hutchinson
DAP and Stretchy Belt

Our Decoupling Alternator Pulley (DAP) used with our Stretchy Belt to transfer power from the engine to parts in the front-end of the transmission. Thanks to our solution, you can now remove one or more idlers as well as the automatic tensioner, streamlining the front-end of the transmission.


Our solution reduces vibrations in the front of the transmission, decreases dynamic tension on the belt, and prevents the belt from sliding in the pulleys and the strands from fluttering. It also optimizes the belt's operating tension. Reduced energy loss due to frictions results in CO2 emissions savings. By virtue of eliminating pulleys, idlers and automatic tensioners, assembly time becomes faster and costs are reduced.


Our expertise in designing accessories for power transmissions has allowed us to optimize the entire system and then design the DAP and Stretchy Belt for any type of application.

  • Products Family: EPDM Belts; DAP



Technical Features

  • Large selection compatible with alternators ranging from 90 to 250 amps. 
  • Includes a torsion spring specially designed to significantly reduce vibrations and withstand heavy loads.
  • Reduces the weight of the front-end of the transmission by up to 1.1 kilograms.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfort
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Easy assembly