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We support our clients with complete engineering solutions from design of new materials to connected systems. 



A broad network of resources


We serve our customers with global resources that include:

  • A Corporate Research and Innovation Center with more than 200 engineers and technicians active in basic and applied research. Innovative solutions are developed out of the combination of core technologies and competences in the fields of:

Materials Science and Chemistry,
- CAE and Mechanical Engineering,
- Composite Materials,
- Process Technologies,
- Acoustics and Vibration,
- Energy and Thermal Management,
- Mechatronics.

  • 27 Technical Centers close to our customers and located all around the world. Our specialized teams develop highly engineerered solutions directly for our customers with dedicated resources in application engineering and a full leverage on the group resources.
  • A network of external partners in the academic as well as start-up worlds though an active program of Open Innovation.
Photo of man performing an acoustic test on a car in an anechoic chamber

Core innovation areas

For more than 20 years, we have been reinvesting 5% of our revenues in innovation to find the answers that contribute to the mobility of the future.This effort is focused in some key areas:






Clean Sky 2 Program 

Clean Sky 2 Logo with tagline

Hutchinson is participating in the European research program H2020 - Clean Sky 2, which combines aerospace industry companies with public research institutes. The aim of this program is to meet the major challenges faced by the aerospace industry by identifying innovative solutions to reduce the sector’s environmental impact. Within this framework, Hutchinson coordinates the consortia in charge of two projects.   


Clean Sky Radiant Panel Logo
  • Clean Sky 2 - CfP07 : Radiant Panel  

The aim of this project led by Airbus is to develop a heating system using radiant cabin sidewall panels. The teams involved in this project are working on the production of a commercial aircraft cabin panel demonstrator functionalized with an innovative PTC (“Positive Temperature Coefficient”) technology film based on bio-based carbon fibers obtained from cellulose.   


This will contribute to the improvement of the aircraft’s energy performance and to passenger comfort while using a bio-based technology.  


In collaboration with the ADERA-Plateforme CANOE center (France) and the CTAG laboratory (Spain), Hutchinson manages and coordinates the Radiant Panel project and is responsible for the production of the panel demonstrator. 



Clean Sky Ec2s logo


  • Clean Sky 2 – CfP08 : EC2S ("Environmental Control Secondary System")  


This project aims to develop solutions to purify and recycle the air in the cabin. An ECS secondary loop demonstrator (ATA21, “Environmental Control System”) is manufactured to filter the air in the secondary loop and thus increase the proportion of recycled air. This makes it possible to reduce the aircraft’s energy consumption and optimize the outside air intake rates more extensively according to the flight phases.  


In this project led by Leonardo, Hutchinson works in cooperation with CEATech, Tera-Environnement and Ecologicsense. Hutchinson manages and coordinates the EC2S project and is responsible for the production of the piping of the ECS secondary loop, the integration of the filtration technological building blocks and the development of a technological building block (VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) filtration). 


To learn more about the Clean Sky European research program: