CORAC: Hutchinson contributes to innovation in aviation


Hutchinson was nominated by the French DGAC* for three projects in 2020. A round-up of these innovative projects, which will be implemented starting from this year.   

“CABIN” project: designing modular cabin interiors  

Objective: to carry out a certification flight within 2 ½ years at most!  

In collaboration with Daher, the “CABIN” project contributes to the  “BOOST”  demonstrator dedicated to general aviation to develop the methodologies and technological solutions for a modular aircraft.   

Boost Boost

In this project, Hutchinson is responsible for developing and integrating the innovative technological bricks for the thermo-acoustic comfort solutions and a complete set of cabin fittings with integrated functions.    

“SYNAPSE” project: developing UHBR (Ultra High Bypass Ratio) with Airbus & Safran

Objective: to design the new generation of smart integrated solutions for engine sealing and isolation functions.

Jointly led by Airbus and Safran, the SYNAPSE project is dedicated to the engine environment and to the new technologies necessary for the development of UHBR (Ultra High Bypass Ratio) engines enabling savings of up to 10% in fuel consumption.   

To meet the space requirements specific to these engines, while adding maximum intelligence in the technologies to improve installation &maintenance, Hutchinson draws on its top-level expertise to intervene in two key areas:  

  • Development of the new generation of smart integrated seals (wear level monitoring)   
  • Development of smart integrated thermal protections (monitoring of the hot points of the engine)   
Mat reactor

“SPHINX” project: creating composite technologies to reduce the weight of structural parts 

Objective: to use advanced composite technologies to reduce the weight of the engine pylon structures.  

Led by Airbus, the “SPHINX” project aims to develop the solutions necessary for the integration of UHBR in the aircraft manufacturer’s architectures. Targeting more directly the engine pylon, Hutchinson intervenes in the development of composite components for the secondary structures of the engine pylon.   

Mat reactor

As a complement to these projects started in 2020, projects to be started in 2021 are currently being validated and will enable Hutchinson to participate fully in the plan for the sector’s transition to the aviation of the future.  

CORAC is a collaborative State / Industry body dedicated to setting up a national research program for the French aviation sector.   

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* DGAC: Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (Directorate General of Civil Aviation): an administration, attached to the Ministry of the Ecological Transition, gathering all departments of the French state responsible for regulating and supervising air safety, air transport and civil aviation activities in general.