Joint flexible pour riser

Our flexible joints connect catenary risers that extend from platforms to subsea  pipelines. They are tailor-designed  to the floater and risers relative dynamics, as well as the flaw characteristics. They allow the riser critical top section to resist the fatigue loads along the platform lifetime .


Hutchinson provides as well the interfaces structures that will receive the flexible joints along or inside the floater. These tailor made structures are adapted to the installation procedures and the floater architecture.

  • Products Family: Flexible Joints for Risers


  • Materials complatible with fluids and the riser's anti-corrosion system.
  • Resistant to rapid gas decompression.
  • Fluids pressure: up to 15000 psi (1000 bar).
  • Withstands temperatures of up to 250°F.
  • Dynamic rotation angle: up to +/- 25°.


  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Customizable
  • Easy Assembly



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Flexible Joints for Risers

Flexible Joints for Risers

Our Flexible Joints connect catenary risers that extend from platforms to subsea pipelines. They are tailor-designed  to the floater and risers relative dynamics, as well as the flaw characteristics.

Subsea Connectors for Tension Leg Platform Tendons

Connectors for tension leg platforms

Our highly-resistant Connectors for tension leg platforms allow for mooring of TLP floaters to driven pile foundations.


Antivibration Mounts

Our Antivibration Mounts are installed on many platforms worldwide. They dampen vibrations and compensate equipment and support relative deformations, even at higher temperatures.


Floatover components

Fore over 20 years we’ve been pioneering shock absorbers for Floatover operations. Today, our Components are the most widely used andhave broken all capacity records : up to 10000 mt per cell with more than 500 mm stroke.


Self-latching connectors

Our Self-Latching Connectors have been developed to connect and articulate hybrid risers. They ensure safe and reliable moorings in more than 1,500 meters of water without any assistance.


Pipe Couplings

Our Pipe Couplings can be used to connect and seal tubular components such as risers, flowlines or tendons. With diameters as large as one meter, they’re a cost-effective alternative to offshore welds.


Exhaust silencers

Exhaust silencers combine reactive and dissipative solutions to reach attenuations from 15dB to 50dB by adding cyclonic type spark arresters according to demand.
These products are made with different types of inlets/outlets to give the best solution to our customers projects.

Offshore flexible mounting systems

Offshore flexible mounting systems

Whilst our product allows for the expansion & contraction and deck movements without transferring these significant loads to the equipment, our product also provides vibration isolation and an effective barrier to the path of structural borne noise.