Delta Ring for Oil and Gas Applications | Hutchinson

Hutchinson manufactures standard and tailor-made O-Rings, covering all demanding industrial applications, both in static and dynamic assemblies.


Our Oil & Gas certified O-rings, Delta Rings and Thermoplastic inserts, bring users of ball valves and gate valves, peace of mind, even under extreme conditions of use. Our Delta Ring exclusive design, is key for ensuring reliable tightness for ball and gate valves at high pressure.


We combine them with thermoplastic inserts in our specific valve seats. They are designed and tested to cover all extreme use cases. Our compounds produced in-house are approved NORSOK M-710 annex A and TOTAL GS EP PVV-142 for Rapid gas decompression: RGD.


  • Product family: O-Rings

Technical features

  • Compound offer : HNBR, FKM, FKM GLT, FKM GF
  • Temperature range : Elastomer -60°C up to +260°C / Thermoplastic -200°C to +275°C
  • Pressure: 150 to 900 lbs – High pressure: class 2500 – API 10000
  • Dimensions : up to 2 000 mm
  • Certifications : Total PVV-142 & Norsok M-710





  • Reliability