Hutchinson’s Dynamic Insulating System adds years to electric vehicle battery life

rendering of hutchinson's dynamic insulating system

Hutchinson is launching its new Dynamic Insulating System (DIS) to address consumers’ concerns about electric vehicle (EV) battery life. 

Why don’t customers buy electric cars?  

From sticker shock to range anxiety, there is a variety reasons why consumers are reluctant to invest in electric vehicles (EVs). Lack of service centers and charging infrastructure surely make owning and operating an electric car more challenging than combustion engine ones. One factor holding customers back from making the switch is the fear that the lithium-ion batteries in an EV will deteriorate quickly and need expensive replacements.

Hutchinson’s DIS solution 

Just as with other lithium batteries, the battery pack in an EV will lose its ability to hold a charge over time. This deterioration accelerates rapidly when the battery is not being charged and exposed to extreme temperatures like when sitting a Seville driveway in July or Helsinki parking lot in January. Hutchinson’s DIS protects batteries by keeping them at an ideal temperature between 15-35°C or 59-95°F when parked for more than 12 hours in temperatures as low as -20 °C (-4°F) and as high as 40°C (113°F).

Here’s a video about how the Hutchinson DIS works.

Results Observed  

We measured battery performance at various temperatures to determine the effectiveness of the DIS. The data was put into simulation software to measure battery capacity in various climates over 1, 5, and 10-year increments. Our results showed that the DIS significantly improved battery performance. After 10 years, batteries protected by the DIS maintained 70% capacity while those without had a capacity of less than 60%. 

schéma montrant la performance d'une batterie de véhicule EV avec ou sans DIS

In short, Hutchinson’s DIS will help mitigate customer concerns about EV operating costs and longevity.  Our solution ensures the continued performance of EV batteries to satisfy users for years to come.

rendering of hutchinson's dynamic insulating system