We make it possible

Fab House

The Fab House, connected and inspiring places

Located at the heart of Hutchinson’s industrial sites, in France, the United States and China, the 507, 616 and 822 Fab House host customers and employees in a friendly and innovative hub.



3 connected places, 1 and the same spirit

There are three of them, each located on a Hutchinson site. The Fab House, born out of the desire to create a network of connected places around areas for sharing and exchange, are located on three key continents for the group’s activities:

  • Europe,
  • North America
  • and Asia.


The 507 Fab House, located on the historic French site in Châlette-sur-Loing, opened in 2016, the same year as its American counterpart, the 616 Fab House in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In November 2019, the 822 Fab House was opened on the Suzhou site in China.


Veritable hubs open both to customers and to employees, the Fab House testify to the innovation which Hutchinson stimulates on all the continents on which it operates.


The objective? To facilitate exchanges and cross-fertilization within the group, and highlight the expertise and creativity of its teams.


Showcases for Hutchinson’s know-how

Each Fab House has a dedicated area for the products manufactured by the group in the fields of fluid management, sealing and vibration, sound and thermal insulation. At the 507 Fab House, the “Big tables” area presents the products which Hutchinson designs and manufactures mainly for the automotive industry and aerospace but also for railways, defense, etc.





At the 616 Fab House, a transparent car and mockups of an aircraft engine and a cabin interior serve as demonstrators.





At the 822 Fab House, the ground floor accommodates a product testing machine platform intended for customers and prospects, and on the upper floor the “Big tables” area also presents Hutchinson’s products and solutions.


Sharing, Innovating and Experimenting

Inventing differently and developing the creativity of the company’s teams is also part of these innovative places’ DNA. We find in particular, in each country, a telepresence room equipped with a system enabling several of the group’s sites to be connected at the same time. Employees in Châlette-sur-Loing or in Paris, but also in Grand Rapids, Monte Alto in Brazil or Suzhou, etc. can thus talk to each other while having the impression of a meeting being held under optimum real conditions. An effective solution synonymous with savings in costs… and time spent!


Lastly, different living areas have been fitted out to host training courses, teambuilding activities and conferences, facilitate co-working and enjoy new experiences, with a desire to include all Hutchinson employees in this dynamic process, to share and think “outside the box”.


A dynamic process which the group wishes to encourage, by fostering sharing, innovation and experience both for employees and for visitors, to make the slogan “We make it possible” a common thread shared by everyone.




507 and 616 Fab Houses