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Personal Data Protection and Cookies Charter

Welcome to the website By connecting to or browsing the website, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted, without limitation or reservation, the present Personal data protection and cookies Charter (hereinafter the “Charter”) and our terms and conditions of use. Please note that other terms and conditions and Personal data protection and cookies Charter apply to other Hutchinson Group websites, and we recommend that you read them carefully.


The Charter aims to inform you of the rights and freedoms that you can exercise in respect of our use of your personal data and describes the measures that we take to protect these data.


Hutchinson, « Société Anonyme », registered capital of 52.947.648 euros, having its registered office in 2 rue Balzac 75008 Paris (France), registered in the Paris Trade and Company register under the number 542 051 826, is the “data controller” with responsibility for processing the personal data used to manage the website. These processing operations are carried out in accordance with the applicable law.


When you visit the website, you may need to provide us with a number of items of personal data, such as your first name, surname and email address in order to respond to your request for information on our products and / or services, provide you with the requested information and / or services and to send you commercial prospecting emails.


The processing of your personal data is based on your consent via the contact form through which you contact us to our website. This information is necessary to process your request, failing which it cannot be processed. You can withdraw your consent at any time without jeopardizing the treatment(s) carried out previously, by writing to the following email address:


In our online form, the mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. If you do not provide answers to the mandatory questions, we will not be able to provide you with the service (s) requested. Your personal data will not be processed subsequently in a way that is incompatible with the purposes described above or below the collection forms. Your data are kept for the time necessary for the purpose of the processing, namely three (3) years.



In order to satisfy the purposes specified above, your personal data is transmitted to the subsidiaries of the HUTCHINSON Group as well as to the French company SMILE, host of your personal data which subcontracts the provision of hosting to the French company EQUINIX. Your personal data is stored on servers located in France.


3. Data Transfers

Any transfer of data to a country outside the European Economic Area shall be carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations and in such a way as to protect your data appropriately. For the purposes of the services provided on this website, your data first name, surname and email address may be transferred to the Hutchinson Group companies located outside the European Union.


For this reason, the Hutchinson Group has adopted “Binding Corporate Rules” (BCR) governing intra-Group transfers of personal data originating in the European Economic Area. If you wish to obtain more information on our BCRs please click here. For information on other measures in place to provide adequate protection, please write to the contact address listed below. 


4. Data security and confidentiality

The data controller takes appropriate steps to preserve the security and confidentiality of your personal data, including to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or disclosed to unauthorized third parties.


5. Cookie management

5.1. PrincipLE

A cookie is a file which enables a website to save information relating to your computer’s browsing of the website (e.g. number of visits, number of pages viewed), to make your visits to the website smoother.


You can at any time delete the cookies stored on your computer, object to the storage of new cookies and receive a notification before new cookies are stored by changing your browser settings using the instructions below (“Types of cookies, cookies and statistics, and settings”). Please note that if you remove a “cookie” or object to the storage of “cookies” on your device, you may not be able to use some of the website's services.


5.2. TYpes OF cookies, COOKIES AND statistiCS, AND SETTINGS

The cookies that may be stored on your server when you browse the website are cookies which are intended solely to enable or facilitate electronic communication or which are strictly necessary to provide the service you are requesting (language cookies, login cookies, etc.), or statistics cookies or other cookies in accordance with the conditions below.


When cookies require your agreement before they can be saved, we ask you for this agreement via the “find out more” link displayed on the first page of the website that you land on, in which it is made clear that by continuing to browse the website you accept these cookies



  • Cookies issued by third parties

Publisher of the Cookie


How do you object ?


Technical Cookies (has_js)

Contains information
about the browsing
session, allows the
user to access the site

Impossible, they are
essential to the
functioning of the site

Deleted at the end of

Technical Cookies (cookie_agreed)

Save a user's choice
regarding cookies

Impossible, they are
essential to the
functioning of the site

1 month

scald_ youtube_ consent Watch videos on
hosted on YouTube
See article 5.2.2 1 month
  •  Cookies Statistics

Publisher of the


How do you object ?


Google Analytics

Measure the audience
of the website,
development of
statistics, determine
the behavior of the
user on our website

See article 5.2.2

13 months


Statistics cookies are used to measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, users’ activity on the website and how often they return. The used statistics tool, Google Analytics, generates a cookie with a unique identifier, which is stored for no longer than thirteen (13) months. Your IP address is also collected in order to determine the town/city from which you are accessing the website. Your IP address is immediately anonymized after use so that you cannot be identified as a natural person. The statistical data on website visits are collected by the provider Google Analytics and subsequently transferred to the data controller in an aggregated and anonymized form in a web interface to which it alone has access. The data collected are not transferred to third parties or used for other purposes. You can block these cookies at any time by opting out as described above by clicking the link


5.2.2 How do you delete cookies, receive notification of their storage or change your browser settings?

How can you delete cookies file already installed on your computer? 

  • On your workstation:
  • On the C:\ drive select the Windows folder;
  • Open the “Temporary Internet Files” folder;
  • Select all files (CTRL A); 
  • Choose the “delete” option.


How do you change browser settings to reject or be informed of the storage of cookies?

  • In the Internet Explorer 5 (Microsoft) browser: Select “Tools”, and then “Internet Options”. Click on the “Security” tab, then “Custom level” and scroll down to the “cookies” section. Next to “Allow cookies that are stored on your computer” select “Ask” to be notified or “Disable” to decline all cookies;
  • In the Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 (Microsoft) browser: Select “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy”, then the level you wish to apply;
  • In the Firefox browser: Click on “Tools” and select “Options”. In the “Privacy and security” tab, untick the box “Accept cookies from websites”;
  • In the Chrome (Google) browser: Click “Customize and control Google Chrome” and select “Settings”. Under “Privacy and security”, click on “Content settings” and enable “Block third-party cookies” ;
  • In the Safari browser: Select “Preferences” then “Privacy” and select one of the following options regarding “Cookies and website data”: “Always block”, “Allow from current website only”, “Allow from websites I visit”.


6. YOUR RIGHTS /contact

In accordance with current regulations, you have the right to access, rectify, delete and object to the use of your personal data. You also have a right to object to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes under the applicable regulations.


You can ask for your personal data to be sent to you and you have the right to give instructions for the use of your personal data after your death. You can also ask for restriction of the data processing or of data portability.


You can exercise your rights and ask us about the processing of your personal data by contacting the service in charge of protecting personal data at the following email address :; the data controller is HUTCHINSON, “Société Anonyme” , having its registered office located at 2 rue Balzac 75008 Paris, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 542 051 826.


Finally, you can lodge a complaint with the authority responsible for compliance with personal data protection obligations (the CNIL for France or for other countries your local authority).


7. External links

If our website gives you access to websites, the said websites are not bound by this Charter. We recommend that you consult the personal data protection Charters / confidentiality declarations of these websites to find out about their practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal data.

8. Personal data of minors

Please note that the use of our website is reserved for persons aged 18 years or older and that we have no intention of collecting or processing the personal data of minors aged less than 18 years. Therefore, if you are less than 18 years of age, please obtain the approval of your parents or your guardian before providing us with information through the contact form on our website. Without this prior approval, users aged less than 18 years are not authorised to send us information and, if they do so, we shall cease processing their information as soon as we become aware of their age. We cannot be held liable if information belonging to minors was recorded during a login in violation of these clauses.

9. Modification of the Charter

This Charter was updated on March 18th , 2020. The latest version is available in the Personal Data section of our website. We reserve the right to revise and modify this Charter at any time, especially to ensure that we comply with regulatory and legal requirements.