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Clean Sky: Hutchinson to lead sustainable innovation projects

Hutchinson has been chosen by Clean Sky to head two innovative emissions-reducing aerospace projects.

What is Clean Sky?  

Clean Sky is a European research program with public-private collaboration between research institutes and aerospace companies. The eponymous programs (Clean Sky and Clean Sky 2) are dedicated to developing innovations and upgrades in aircraft to reduce impacts on the environment.    

Our Involvement  

Hutchinson is coordinating two projects within Clean Sky 2 (CS2). The focus of these projects is the latter goal of CS2, that is to make aircraft more environmentally friendly.  

Radiant Panel 

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The Radiant Panel project calls upon our experience in developing thermal management systems. Hutchinson will work with a team of experts, including CANOE and CTAG, to create a radiation heating system for aircraft cabin panels using bio-based materials. The design will reduce the weight of the cabin and thus reduce the aircraft’s emissions.  

Environmental Control Secondary System (EC2S)

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Similarly, the EC2S project aims to reduce the weight of an aircraft’s Environmental Control System which will, therefore, reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Team members with similar experience include TeraSensors, Tera Environment, and CEA. Together we will create a secondary air recycling loop so air can continue to be recycled within the cabin. A complex filter will preserve the air quality ensuring the safety and comfort of all travelers.  


Hutchinson is excited to have been chosen to tackle the challenges posed by these two ambitious projects. We look forward to our continued collaboration with other aerospace stakeholders to make sustainability in flight possible.