Clean Sky 2 - EC2S: reducing the energy consumption linked to cabin air quality

clean sky ec2s project

Hutchinson is leading the Clean Sky 2 EC2S project with its partners CEA, TeraSensors and Tera Environment to improve and monitor the quality of recycled air in the cabin.  

The Environment Control System plays a key role in the air quality and thermal comfort of the cabin. However, this system is one of the main energy consumers in the aircraft.    

The aim of the EC2S project is to handle air quality and increase the proportion of recycled air in the cabin to reduce energy consumption and improve passenger comfort.    

The team is working on the design of an innovative recycled air quality treatment system - EC2S – (Environment Control Secondary System), incorporating technological building blocks capable of filtering:  

  • fine particle matte (PM),  
  • CO2,  
  • volatile organic compounds (VOC).  

This system functions with innovative sensors to ensure monitoring and control of air quality in the cabin.  

It will undergo a full-scale validation on the Clean Sky 2 regional aircraft cabin demonstrator managed by Leonardo (REG IADP).  

clean sky ec2s project