North American MIP Program Kick-Off

Group Photo of Hutchinson's North American MIP program class of 2020

In January, the 616 Fab House of Grand Rapids hosted the first "Make It Possible" class in North America. 

What is the Make It Possible (MIP) program?  

The MIP program is one of the initiatives implemented by Hutchinson to enlarge its innovation capabilities. The aim is to get employees from various backgrounds and expertise to work together on a topic validated by our CEO, Jacques Maigné. Classes are organized into two groups that work collaboratively using the Design Thinking methodology, with the help of local academic partners, to innovate Hutchinson’s product and service offering.   

What is the focus of this year’s North American MIP program? 

For six months, two teams of five employees from different North American sites and activities will be thinking about how to "combine Hutchinson data and external data to create value in mobility". This year, our partners from HFLI – Henry Ford Learning Institute will support and train the North American class in using the Design Thinking Methodology.

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To date, six MIP programs have taken place, five in Europe and one in Asia. The results of this year’s North American program will be announced in July.  

  • Visit our partner Henry Ford Learning Institute’s (HFLI) website: 

*Design Thinking is an overall design method or process centered on the user (or the human) with the aim of producing innovative services or products.

Group Photo of Hutchinson's North American MIP program class of 2020