Behind the scenes of the Hut': responsible project design

hut responsible design

The Hut’ by Hutchinson is the first all-in-one autonomous emergency shelter designed as part of an internal Open Innovation program.    

The components of the Hut’ are assembled at ASTAF, an ESAT (sheltered employment center) located in Fontenay-Sur-Loing, very close to Hutchinson’s site in Châlette-Sur-Loing in France. 

When designing the project, the team which created the Hut’ immediately thought of working with the ESAT in Fontenay-sur-Loing. This initiative was consistent with the human aspect of the solution, which is designed to bring relief to victims. This also allow us to assist in the personal and social development of disabled people. 

The ESAT is a structure which employs disabled people, allowing them to work while at the same time assisting in their personal and social development. This initiative reflects a desire above all to invest in the local workforce but also to have a significant production step carried out locally in order to meet the needs of Hut’ users as quickly as possible.

hut responsible design