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Structural light weight design

Hutchinson wins the 2017 SPE Automotive Division Innovation Awards for its world’s first polyamide clevis bracket for passenger cars

Hutchinson  has been recognized at the 47th-Annual Society of Plastics Engineers® (SPE) International Automotive Innovation Awards Gala in the Chassis/Hardware Group: with the successful market introduction of a variety of designs, Hutchinson achieved the industry's first application of plastic material for an engine torque supporting clevis bracket, while all current applications in production are with aluminum die castings.


The advantage of this plastic clevis bracket, subject to high mechanical solicitations is a significantly reduced mass, as well as an improved noise vibration and harshness (NVH) isolation into the passenger compartment. The developed technology can be applied to numerous applications in a vehicle and underlines Hutchinson commitment to propose innovative and valuable solutions to its customers.