Railway Fire Safety Standard: compatible Hutchinson solutions

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Hutchinson has been offering solutions compatible with EN45545 since 2013. This European standard specifies the level of fire reaction performance requirements for materials and products used on board trains. 


The Hutchinson teams have worked in close collaboration with the company’s partners to design solutions which are both compatible and durable. Thanks to our materials experts, the solutions have a service life equivalent to or greater than the previous product versions.  

Each manufacturing process has been optimized in compliance with the industrial requirements expected in the railway sector. 


Hutchinson offers three types of systems:  

  • Anti-vibration system: suspension and drive (secondary suspension, primary suspension, links and membranes) 
  • Fluid transfer systems: low pressure and high pressure 
  • Sealing system: intercommunication, aerodynamic profiles, door and window seals  

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Since 2013, numerous trains have been equipped with EN45545-compatible Hutchinson solutions and the team continue to innovate to equip the trains of the future.   

hutchinson railway