Hutchinson develops standard or customized magnet rings, made of a metal insert bonded together with a rubber matrix filled with magnetic particles. The elastic properties of the rubber, combined with good rubber-metal adhesion, ensure good performance under extreme environments. We customize magnet rings to fit perfectly to various technologies of sensor such as Hall Effect, AMR or GMR…


Hutchinson offers extremely compact designs easily integrated in a large range of applications. As an example, the combination of Hutchinson Nonius magnet rings with Hall effect sensors of the iC-MU series from iC-Haus creates absolute position measuring systems. Our Nonius magnet rings are off-the-shelf products that respond efficiently to industrial applications. They are fully adapted to robots used in medical applications, for automated production lines or machine tools.


Our solutions provide high measurement accuracies. They are used in position and speed controls for safety and maintenance applications. They are key components in the digital age.


  • Magnetic vulcanized rubber compound
  • Bonding metal or stainless-steel insert
  • Customized and standard magnetic track(s)
  • Tailor made magnetization for optimized results
  • Choice of magnetized compound: NBR (from -40 up to 140°C) and HNBR (from -40 up to 160°C)
  • Dimensions from 20 to 90 mm
  • Axial & radial designs 
  • High remanence up to Br = 3500 Gauss  & High coercitive field: 240 KA/m
  • High signal accuracy & resolution
  • High robustness & resistance to shocks and vibrations


  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Sensor Integration
  • Safety



All Products Families for Industry Precision Sealing Systems



Our O-Rings ensure perfect static and dynamic seals between two parts assembled radially (shafts) or axially (covers). They can withstand the most extreme temperatures and fit in the smallest spaces. 


Shaft Seals

They ensure the perfect sealing on rotating, or translating shafts under a large range of temperature. Our Dynamic Seals maintain lubricants in engines and transmissions while avoiding any foreign particles or fluid pollution.


Magnet rings

Thanks to the magnet pattern printed in an elastomeric or plastic compound, our Encoders can accurately provide position, direction and speed of a rotating shaft. You find it operating in engines, transmissions and ABS systems.


Precision Static Seals

Braking, fuel, oil, air, water systems are operational if they do not leak. Their reliability results from our Precision Static Seals, made of approved materials, tailor made designs and mastered processes.