Magnetic ring for industrial applications | Hutchinson

Thanks to the expert technical know-how of magnetic systems, we offer different types of encoders perfectly adapted to match various families of sensors. Typically: Hall Effect, AMR or GMR sensors.=

Hutchinson develops magnetic rings, made of a metal insert bonded together with a rubber matrix filled with magnetic particles. The rubber compounds that we design, respond reliably to heavy duty applications, combining elastic properties and strong rubber/insert adhesion under extreme conditions of usage (mud, sand, salt, oils & greases). Ideal solution for high speed up to 25000 RPM.

Our solutions enable to reach high measurement accuracy. They are applied in position and speed controls for safety and maintenance purposes. They are key components in the age of digital.

  • Products Family: Magnet rings

Technical Features


  • Elasto-Ferrite Magnetic Rubber molded and bonded to a metal insert
  • Customized magnetic track(s)
  • Choice of magnetized compound: NBR (from -40 up to 140°C) and HNBR (from -40 up to 160°C)
  • Customized Polarisation Process for incremental applications (relative position, rotational speed) and absolute multi-track applications (absolute angular position, rational speed)
  • High remanence up to Br = 3500G & High coercitive field: 240 KA/m
  • High signal accuracy & resolution : polar width down to 2mm; period tolerance down to 0.05°; cumulated period deviation down to 0.1° (tested on a Hutchinson Magnetic ring with: diam= 115mm, 60 poles pairs & polar width= 6°)
  • High robustness & resistance to shocks and vibrations: 500g and 2000 Hz


  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Sensor Integration
  • Safety