Our Antivibration Mount Paulstradyn® provides antivibration insulation for static equipment. It is a high-performance antivibration and anti-corrosion solution. It offers a constant height over wide load range and is easy to fit.

  • Products Family: Elastomer Mounts


  • Made from metal rubber Siltech.
  • Low frequency.
  • Decreases vibration by more than 90 % at 1.500 rpm (25 Hz).
  • 500 hours of protection against salt spray.


  • Comfort
  • Safety



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Elastomer mounts

  Elastomeric antivibration mounts isolate noise, shock and vibrations, and isolate machines and protect environment.Our large product range covers a lot of possible applications.


Exhaust silencers

Exhaust silencers combine reactive and dissipative solutions to reach attenuations from 15dB to 50dB by adding cyclonic type spark arresters according to demand.

These products are made with different types of inlets/outlets to give the best solution to our customers projects.



Best solution to protect your system against shock and vibration. Full metal build (aluminum or stainless steel). They are specially prepared for isolate units like racks or consoles during ground, navy and air transport.

Metal Mesh Technology

Metal Mesh Technology

The metal mesh cushions consist of knitted and pressed wire which offers absolutely constant behavior over a wide temperature range and provide the perfect solution for vibration isolation and damping.

Spring isolator

Spring isolator

Spring Isolator provides maximum elastic storage of various objects in the low-frequency tuning range. Through the use of additional damping components, we ensure a safe and smooth resonance for your application.

Metal Isolator

Metal Isolator

Metal Isolators consist of one or more Metal Mesh Cushions combined with load-bearing and surrounding metal parts. It combines the technical benefits of the metal mesh with a multi-directional load capacity and functionality.