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Mobility goes digital: Hutchinson unveil its prototype smart steering hole cover at the IZB (Wolfsburg, Germany)

For this ninth event, 900 companies from 32 countries welcomed from 18 to 20 October 2016 more than 49,000 visitors on their booths, with the theme “Mobility goes digital”. Our Body Sealing Systems, Precision Sealing Systems, Fluid Management Systems and Belt Drive Systems business lines presented their products and innovations to visitors. In line with this event’s digital focus, the Precision Sealing Systems business unveiled its prototype smart steering hole cover. The cover includes a simple, robust and extremely precise integrated sensor for measuring tolerance angles. Its very detailed measurements make it possible to record movements in the steering column, even at very low speeds and rotation levels, and can provide valuable help for autonomous driving. The sensor design enables actual positions to be read as soon as it is activated and guarantees measurements for +/- 1.5 column turns. This technology represents a new component for developing increasingly autonomous and safe vehicles. Following this first official unveiling, the demonstration model of the prototype “smart steering hole cover” will be further enhanced and become a showcase for Hutchinson PSS’ new areas of expertise.