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Increase your energy efficiency

On April 28 and 29, Hutchinson is inviting its German auto manufacturer customers to two days focused on “improving your energy efficiency” at the Speyer technical museum in Germany. Through exhibitions presenting its solutions on customers' vehicles and conferences hosted by Hutchinson experts, this multi-customer Tech Show aims to promote exchanges between Hutchinson's experts and German auto manufacturer customers concerning their major industrial challenges: weight savings, energy management, comfort and safety.


Hutchinson’s Research Center is developing a drive for excellence in these areas, thanks to its expert knowledge of materials, production processes and systems. The development of composite materials and new thermoplastics and polymers, mechatronics, thermal and electrical energy storage are just some of the technologies benefiting our antivibration, sealing system and fluid management solutions.


The choice of the Speyer technical museum, focused on the history of air, road, rail and marine transport innovations, reflects the diverse markets covered by Hutchinson for over 160 years. This presence across multiple markets has been a key factor behind Hutchinson’s strong positions from the outset, enabling its experts to consolidate emerging signs, combine know-how, share approaches and continue to lead the field for future solutions.