Hutchinson at JEC Europe, 10-12 March 2015


For nearly 20 years, JEC Europe has been the leading industry event for research into innovative products and processes for composite materials.Today, Hutchinson is one of the few companies on the thermoplastics and composites market able to design and manufacture parts, while formulating its own materials.

For the automotive business, visitors were able to appreciate this composite axle created as one single part with four integrated features: suspension, wheel guidance, roll control, and damping of road vibrations and rolling noise. Thanks to this solution, the necessary performance levels are achieved while eliminating various parts and delivering significant weight savings, with single-stage assembly instead of the previous 12 steps.

For the aerospace industry, the booth presented self-supporting composite modules for future cockpits. The carbon fiber parts are more streamlined and lighter, while ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards. They are produced using new fireproof resins and one shot processes.Hutchinson is also able to offer its customers new weight reduction solutions: the thermoplastic composite floor grid, which supports all air-water-electricity systems, the thermoplastic composite air-conditioning pipes, and CFRP or Carbon Reinforced Fiber Plastic fuel systems for planes.

Ultra-light, stronger and more environmentally-friendly, these high-performance composites are the solutions that manufacturers expect to see in the future in line with the drive to reduce fuel consumption and pollution emissions.