Hutchinson is digitizing its factories!


Thanks to digital technologies, Hutchinson is modernising its factories and transforming operator practices. With the help of the Operational Excellence Department, Hutchinson is deploying a digital transformation policy that breaks down into 4 main lines: industry, product, customers & suppliers and employees.

To improve solution performance, Hutchinson is looking to add sensors or RFID chips in its products. These make it possible in particular to gather accurate data on product lifecycle and thus reduce maintenance costs.

On the sites, digitization enables us to optimise processes and render them more robust, whether it be in development, supply-chain or production. Actions are deployed throughout the world and are upheld by the Operational Excellence Department which provides lean principles throughout the organisation.

Optimising customer & supplier exchanges is also vital for Hutchinson, and especially for the Aerospace activity, which uses collaborative platforms such as Air Supply. Launched by Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales, this platform improves “machine to machine” data transfers and structures information exchanges, from the planing and coordination of hardware needs up to the delivery and payment phases.

Finally, this digitization is supported by the implementation of webcasts, which broadcast the essential and strategic information as live videos, to nearly 1,000 employees, distributed across some twenty countries.