Perseverance: Hutchinson on Mars!

persevernace rover hutchinson mars

After a voyage of more than 7 months, the rover Perseverance landed on Mars at the end of February to begin its mission of exploration on the Red Planet.  

This landing marks a success for NASA’s Mars 2020 program and for everyone involved in this project. Hutchinson supplied two vibration isolation systems:  

  • Vibration isolation of the SHERLOC instrument (the rover’s ultraviolet spectrometer)
  • Isolation of the rover and avionics support (in collaboration with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab), essential during the take-off phase and when “shocks” are recorded during the flight.   

In 2020, three missions landed on Mars: the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Hope probe, the Chinese Tianwen-1 probe and the American rover Perseverance. These countries took advantage of the ideal relative position between Earth and Mars, which allows a shorter voyage every 26 months. These space programs aim to find out more about the Martian climate and environment. 

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persevernace rover hutchinson mars