Are you looking for a job in the automotive, aerospace, defense or industrial sector?


Would you like to design, develop and manufacture sealing, anti-vibration, thermal and fluid management solutions in response to today's major environmental challenges?


Step up to the plate with Hutchinson and take direct action in promoting sustainable, safer and carbon-free mobility. Join us and reveal what moves you.

The Hutchinson recruitment process

Hutchinson's recruitment process is fast, friendly, rigorous and transparent. Our process guarantees equal opportunities without any direct or indirect discrimination.

#1 Apply for one of our vacancies

Vous postulez à l’une de nos offres
  • Feel free to submit your application online. Our job vacancies, internships and work-study opportunities are available on our recruitment website.
  • With just two clicks and an up-to-date CV, you can tell us about your interest in joining the Hutchinson adventure.

Check out our job, internship and work-study offers


Vous postulez à l’une de nos offres

#2 Chat over the phone

Nous échangeons par téléphone
  • Once we have approved your profile, an initial telephone interview is organized with a recruiter to discuss your experience, your reasons for applying and what the job entails.
  • This interview is the ideal opportunity for you to ask questions about the vacancy, the management team and the career development prospects, and also confirm your motivation for continuing the recruitment process with Hutchinson.
  • The interview gives us the chance to assess your skills and background, and move forward with your application.
Nous échangeons par téléphone

#3 Meet for an interview

Nous nous rencontrons lors d’un entretien
  • This interview is an opportunity to get to know us better, while assessing your skills and aspirations.
  • During the interview, you will be asked to provide real-life examples of your professional experience and achievements, and explain how this new step would represent an opportunity to move your career forward.
  • It will also give you a clearer insight into the Group and its values, and chance to meet your future manager.
Nous nous rencontrons lors d’un entretien

#4 We decide to work together

On décide de collaborer
  • Your success and development are our priorities!
  • Our relationship will start as soon as you sign your contract and before you actually enter Hutchinson's offices. We are also committed to building a personalized onboarding program to help you discover our culture, markets, technologies and organizations.
  • During this phase, you will also benefit from a training program tailored to your new job. Throughout the onboarding process, we will encourage you to share your impressions.
On décide de collaborer

Join us - your success is our success!


"Candidates have expectations and aspirations about their work-life balance, their satisfaction with the time and energy spent on their work, leisure and family life, and the meaning of their work duties and the management culture. We are here to listen to them and answer all their questions with complete transparency and clarity. These are the conditions for building a long-lasting relationship of trust."


Rafif Hariri, Corporate Talent Acquisition Manager