Hutchinson and va-Q-tec enter in a strategic partnership


Hutchinson and va-Q-tec enter in a strategic partnership to develop innovative insulation in the automotive & aerospace sectors

  • The energy efficiency and safety in case of fire events of eMobility vehicles can be massively increased by high performance insulation
  • The close partnership between Hutchinson and va-Q-tec aims to combine both companies’ technologies to bring the mobility market enhanced performances with optimized thermal and fire management of e.g. passenger cabins and batteries.


Paris, 8 March2021 - Hutchinson, a global leader in vibration control, fluid management and sealing technologies for automotive and aerospace markets, and va-Q-tec, pioneer of highly efficient vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), join forces. 

The aim of this strategic partnership is to jointly develop high-performance, scalable insulation solutions to improve the thermal management of eMobility vehicles. Within the framework of this cooperation, both companies combine their complementary skills as well as their respective unique technology expertise. The cooperation provides the opportunity for va-Q-tec to further tap into the automotive and aerospace sectors with the help of Hutchinson's technology and sales organisation with over 100 locations worldwide, close to major OEMs.

As part of the cooperation, Hutchinson's solutions will be incorporated or combined with va-Q-tec's VIPs (Vacuum Insulation Panel) in various research and development projects to produce battery and cabin insulation for the automotive and aircraft industries, respectively, which not only provide optimum insulation but also meet all fire protection requirements.With our German partner, the aim is to make the future of automotive, aviation and rail transportation safer, more energy-efficient, more comfortable and more sustainable.

The Major Technological benefits of this cooperation rely on the unique combination of VIP which performance are 10 times better than conventional insulation and solutions for fire protection sealing and fluid management. The novel system allows for extra battery range, increases safety and extra space in the cabin and in the battery compartment. 

Dr. Joachim Kuhn, CEO and founder ofva-Q-tec, is pleased about the new cooperation:"As a very important supplier to the automotive and aerospace industry, Hutchinson is more than just a door opener for va-Q-tec, but a great technology partner. In return, Hutchinson will benefit from our unique expertise in high-tech insulation. Together, we will develop vehicle insulation and fire protection solutions that will make tomorrow's mobility not only more energy efficient but also more comfortable. I see modern thermal architecture as one of the most essential keys to energy efficiency in future vehicles."

Jacques Maigné, Hutchinson CEO declares: “This partnership is a great opportunity for both companies to develop even further their expertise and to share knowledge about technologies and markets. Thermal management, one of our key expertise at Hutchinson, is a strategic topic for future mobility, Hutchinson’s teams have been working on this for several years now to meet vehicles electrification challenges.I am confident that the collaboration between va-Q-tec and Hutchinson will bring efficient solutions for automotive and aerospace challenges.”