resolutions®: the new eco-label by Hutchinson

hutchinson resolution

We have embraced a culture of constant reinvention for over 170 years. This legacy of innovation continues today as we pioneer materials and solutions that contribute to greater sustainability. In this context, Hutchinson is introducing its eco-label* resolutions® for its sustainable solutions. 

Hutchinson's resolutions® products combine environmental responsibility and performance. Each resolutions® product is analyzed through a rigorous method, including a comparative Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14040, 14044 standards). The criteria of this label is based on three pillars: CO2 reduction, weight savings and use of recycled/bio-based materials. The method includes the assessment of the environmental impact of the product on these 3 criterias (CO2 reduction, weight savings and use of recycled/bio-based materials) as well as a more global analysis of the entire environmental footprint. An internal committee has been set up to award this label.

With an emphasis on scientific eco-design, Hutchinson’s engineers adopt an approach that combines science and creativity: by optimizing material and minimizing CO2 emissions.

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For more information on Hutchinson’s environmental commitments, see the Sustainability Roadmap.    

* This eco-label is an environmental self-declaration (type II labeling) which meets the ISO14021 standard.



hutchinson resolution