Reinforced seals: a key element for onboard safety and aerodynamics

tcu aircraft seals

Recognized as a “Best Performer” by Airbus, Hutchinson supplies a complete range of seals to be fitted in aircraft to enhance safety, contribute to acoustic comfort and to the energy efficiency.  

Sealing: from the front point to the tail, passing through the engine environment 

Hutchinson is present in all sectors of aviation (commercial, regional, business and helicopters) and can supply sealing solutions for the cabin interior, aerodynamics & aerostructure to constitute a fire barrier or to maintain a pressure.  

Each solution is customized to each aircraft characteristics and tested using our own capabilities and qualification resources. 

Resistance to high temperatures  

Engine, Nacelle and APU environment seals protect against any leakage or propagation of fire. These sealing solutions can simultaneously enable very high temperature resistance and system weight reduction.  

The performance of the seal is guaranteed by technical fabrics made of fire-resistant materials such as Nomex, ceramic, Kevlar or carbon... 

Recognized expertise 

Under Airbus’s SQIP (“Supply chain & Quality Improvement Program”), Hutchinson received a “Best Supplier Award” at the beginning of the year.      

Hutchinson also has Part 21G certification to supply its Replacement solutions accompanied by an “EASA Form1” certificate. 

tcu aircraft seals