Our Safetank provides self-sealing protection for military and security vehicle fuel tanks. It instantly seals holes on impact while the vehicle continues towards its objective. It also minimizes the risk of igniting spilled fuel. It's the most lightweight solution with this level of performance available on the market.

Since Safetank eliminates the need for armor protection, drag on the engine is significantly reduced. Our Safetank solutions are widely used across the globe.

  • Products Family: Fuel Tank Protection


  • Provides self-sealing fuel tank protection.
  • Seals entry and exit wounds from 7.62- to 14.5-millimeter ammunition and shrapnel from IED blasts.
  • Retains 95-100% of fuel.


  • Enhanced passenger safety
  • Reliability



All Products Families for Defense Vibration Control Systems


Navy Mounts for Nuclear Submarines

Our Navy Mounts enhance submarines' acoustic insulation and vibration isolation. They also absorb shocks, allowing the mount to return to its initial position. These solutions also protect electronic equipment.


Flexible devices with kneejoint

Our Flexible Devices with kneejoints ensure watertight seals and allow for displacements between pipes while damping vibrations and guaranteeing a minimal acoustic signature for the submarine.



Antivibration solutions for ground vehicles

These Safety Mounts have been designed for shock protection and vibration isolation. The load per mount varies from 600 to 2,300 daN. They comply with vibration requirements and stringent environmental standards.


Runflat Wheel Assemblies

Thanks to our Runflat Wheel Assemblies solutions, military vehicles with a flat tire can continue to be used on any terrain. The aluminum wheel reduces the vehicle's unsprung weight and improves its dynamic performance.



Tire Saver Shields (TS2)

Our TS2 significantly reduce the number of tires lost due to sidewall damage. Our solutions are made from reinforced rubber or plastic and can sustain terrain and debris impacts. They also reduces vehicles' infrared signatures.

Fuel tank Protection

Fuel Tank Protection (Vehicles)

Our solutions are designed to strengthen fuel tank protection for military, security and commercial vehicles against ballistic impacts, explosions and fires. Drag on the engine is significantly reduced.

Control & Display

Control & Display

In the cockpit, the need for information through control panels is essential, namely for communication, warning, advisory, flight and engine systems. CLAROPAN multidisciplinary team means a fully developed, cost effective, plug-and-play solution.



Best solution to protect your system against shock and vibration. Full metal build (aluminum or stainless steel). They are specially prepared for isolate units like racks or consoles during ground, navy and air transport.

Metal Mesh Technology

Metal Mesh Technology

The metal mesh cushions consist of knitted and pressed wire which offers absolutely constant behavior over a wide temperature range and provide the perfect solution for vibration isolation and damping.

Spring isolator

Spring isolator

Spring Isolator provides maximum elastic storage of various objects in the low-frequency tuning range. Through the use of additional damping components, we ensure a safe and smooth resonance for your application.

Metal Isolator

Metal Isolator

Metal Isolators consist of one or more Metal Mesh Cushions combined with load-bearing and surrounding metal parts. It combines the technical benefits of the metal mesh with a multi-directional load capacity and functionality.