Lead-Lag Damper with Health & Usage Monitoring Systems | Hutchinson
Elasto-Hydraulic Lead-Lag Damper

With our Embedded Health and Usuage Monitoring System, sensors mounted on frequency adaptors for helicopters monitor displacement, force, pressure and temperature. Data are analyzed and stored in flight, allowing the component’s health to be assessed and data on real operating conditions to be saved.
It powers itself: an energy harvester system powers the sensors and ensures that data are transferred in real-time or at a later time. Our solution provides performance assessment capabilities. Our integrated electronic developments are compliant with DO-178, DO-254, DO-160 standards. Our solutions are tested on in-flight demonstrators.
These embedded electronic systems on our components offer enhanced safety, streamlined inspections and maintenance, operational availability, life-cycle optimization, and operational data specific to the aircraft.


  • Product Family: Lead-lag dampers for Helicopters + Health & Usage Monitoring Systems

Technical Features

  • Embedded systems and their various functions are  tailored to :specific operating conditions, information to be assessed and analyzed, and the system in which they they’re integrated.
  • Several configurations are possible: sensors, energy harvesting systems, communication and data analysis.
  • Integration of advanced functions is optimized within products.
  • Assessment modules are designed thanks to our expertise in dynamic behavior of motion control products.


  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance