Our wide range of products includes panels, cabin interior structures and tailor made solutions for commercial, business jets and VIP aircrafts. We design, manufacture and deliver ready-to-install cockpit and cabin kits directly onto the aircraft, incorporating all the options defined in the agreement with the customer. 


Among other examples we are a Risk-sharing and Tier one supplier for Airbus with AP 10-20 DOA organization. and we have been selected for the development, the certification and the implementation of the A350 XWB cockpit furnishing and floor panels package.

  • Products Family: Cockpit and cabin furniture


  • Global design for best cost/performance ratio.
  • 2807 P/N references and 738 standards.
  • More than 70 suppliers managed by Hutchinson's supply chain.
  • 72 ultra-light composite linings.
  • New modular pre equipped Main Control Panel (MCP).
  • High resistant carbon fiber floor panels.
  • Multi material design by Hutchinson's engineering team.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfort
  • Easy Assembly
  • Sensor Integration



Aerospace Materials and Structures

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Systems

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Systems

Our solutions significantly improve acoustic performance inside the aircraft while protecting it from fires. They're fitted to the fuselage or interior trim panels and very easily installed.


Cockpit & Cabin furniture

We design, manufacture and deliver ready-to -install kits for commercial, business jets and VIP aircrafs. Our composite solutions include: panels, cabin interior structures and tailor made solutions.


Flexible Heat & Fireshield for propulsion systems

These shields are designed to meet the severe engine environment: vibrations, fluids, temperature, and fire. Fireproofness is a key for flight safety to preserve passengers lives.