Our global solution is composed of primary suspensions, secondary suspensions, laminated bushes, stops, and coupling. It stabilizes the rain on the tracks and provide vibrations insulation to optimize the comfort of passengers.


  • Compliant with fire/smoke  regulation EN 45545.
  • Safety mount.
  • Metal rubber.
  • Long life cycle.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Vibration isolation.


  • Comfort
  • Safety



All Products Families for Rail Vibration Control Systems

Suspensions primaires

Primary Suspensions

Metal rubber suspensions fixed near the wheels of the bogie to stabilize the train on tracks to prevent runaways. Those solutions efficiently isolate shocks and vibrations

Bogie Suspension

Secondar suspensions

Our secondar fixed suspensions between bogie frame and car body to stabilize the vehicle through the compressibility of air pressure. Compliant with fire smoke EN 45545, those mounts absorb noise and increase comfort.

Guidance Systems

Laminated bushes

Metal rubber bushes positioned between wheel set mounting and bogie frame to ensure transfer of forces. Those mounts limit traction efforts and improve materials lifetime.


Resilient wheel

Elastic wheels reduce transmission components constraints in the bogie and the level of structure vibration (comfort of residents, while continuing efforts transmission to the wheel).

Control & Display

Control & Display

In the cockpit, the need for information through control panels is essential, namely for communication, warning, advisory, flight and engine systems. CLAROPAN multidisciplinary team means a fully developed, cost effective, plug-and-play solution

Metal Mesh Technology

Metal Mesh Technology

The metal mesh cushions consist of knitted and pressed wire which offers absolutely constant behavior over a wide temperature range and provide the perfect solution for vibration isolation and damping.

Metal Isolator

Metal Isolator

Metal Isolators consist of one or more Metal Mesh Cushions combined with load-bearing and surrounding metal parts. It combines the technical benefits of the metal mesh with a multi-directional load capacity and functionality.