Active Noise & Vibration Control System for Helicopters | Hutchinson

Our Active Noise & Vibration Control System for Helicopters can reduce helicopter cabin noise reduction up to 20dB and helicopter cabin structure vibration reduction up to 30 dB.


Our Active Noise and Vibration Control System reduces vibrations and radiated noise and includes:
- Sensors to measure vibrations and noise.
- Actuators to intervene in the system.
- A control unit that analyzes disruptions and coordinates the actuators in real time to offset vibrations.


It can also include a human-machine interface that allows the pilot to set the operating mode.


  • Products Family: Active Noise & Vibration Control Systems for Helicopters


Technical Features

  • Our extensive expertise in designing and approving active systems includes assessing and analyzing vibrations and noise in simple and complex systems, determining and designing the corresponding active systems and installing and approving systems.
  • Versatile solutions to ensure best trade-off between performance, weight, cost, energy consumption.
  • Developed in compliance with aerospace standards : ARP-4761 for safety, DO178 for software, DO254 for hardware.
  • ITAR-free design.



  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Safety