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Our Zaltex foam sample at the cryogenic test lab of the NASA Kennedy space center (USA)

The purposes of these tests from 13th to 16th September were to demonstrate the feasibility of cryogenic cloud generation on the ISO 20088 sample design.


Zaltex is a foam reinforced with specific fibers that improves its mechanical properties but also his behavior toward extreme temperatures (Cryogenics and Fire). Hutchinson and NASA are helping Oil &Gas and LNG industry to improve knowledge on cryogenic spillage protection testing.


All the tests results performed during the 13th to the 16th of September were in line with the NASA recommendations. Data’s will be published during the next ISO meeting in October. This test will be part of the future ISO 20088-2. Part one of the 20088 was published by ISO body on the 14th of September 2016.