Mountain biking, aerobatics, running: discover the Hutchinson sports enthusiasts


Hutchinson is there alongside its employees at sporting events in 2018. We've returned to these competitions that symbolise Hutchinson's values!

Several employees were involved in three sports events in 2018:

  • the Roc d'Azur, one of the biggest mountain bike race in the world
  • 2 aerobatic baptisms, organised internally by Hutchinson and the Amicale de Voltige Aérienne (AVA)
  • the Paris 20km.

Many daily sports initiatives are also organized at Hutchinson sites around the world such as running, fitness or swimming. These events, which bring teams together for fun physical activities, recall Hutchinson's values ​​of enthusiasm, involvement and passion for challenges. They allow employees to meet and develop team spirit.

Sport is also an important factor for well-being at work and good health. To improve cardiopulmonary endurance, and to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, the World Health Organisation recommends regular exercise: 150 minutes of moderate intensity endurance activity or at least 75 minutes of endurance activity of sustained intensity by week.