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Hutchinson is the SPE’s guest of honor in Japan

This Friday, the SPE (Society of Plastic Engineers) is organizing a conference in Tokyo and has invited Hutchinson to present their polyamide Clevis Bracket to the Japanese car industry.


The SPE (Society of Plastic Engineers), the international networking organization uniting plastic professionals worldwide, is inviting Hutchinson for the second time to present their polyamide Clevis Bracket. In 2017, Hutchinson was awarded the Innovation Prize in the “Chassis and Hardware” category at the Innovation Gala organized by the SPE in Detroit with its product.

The polyamide Clevis Bracket, which conversion from aluminum to a polyamide plastic was already a world premier two years ago, is part of the development of a portfolio of sub-structural products dedicated to weight reduction in motor vehicles. These load-taking while light plastic components are in being produced for several years in Hutchinson’s plants, particularly to address customers’ requirements in North America.