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Hutchinson Saint-Brieuc partnering the Florio Cup

The first Florio Cup, held in Sicily in 1904, was won by V. Lancia at the wheel of his Fiat. From 1927, L. Rosengart, president of the Automobile Club and a director with Peugeot, organized this event in Saint Brieuc, bringing together the leading auto manufacturers from the time. Relaunched in 2011, this race is now held every two years, with support from five vintage vehicle associations from western France. For the 2015 race, Hutchinson Saint-Brieuc was brought on board as a partner. Following a competition linked to World Safety Day, 30 of our employees won VIP passes, giving them privileged access to this event, which was attended by over 70,000 people. A way of embracing our “Heritage” value, while highlighting Hutchinson’s longstanding partnership with the auto industry.