Hutchinson rolls out its Flush technology in the Range Rover segment

Land Rover Hutchinson Flush technology

Land Rover has unveiled its new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport incorporating the Flush Glazing solution developed by our expert structural sealing teams. 

Our technical teams have been selected to provide their structural sealing expertise to the British manufacturer Land Rover. The Flush solution offers a unique and simple design which is initially being rolled out to the luxury segment for the Range Rover & Range Rover Sport platforms. 

This new technology, which can be adapted to individual customer and market requirements, will soon be introduced to other manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and the USA. Hutchinson’s technical solution could impact other segments of the automotive market, particularly mid-range vehicles. 

Its simplicity, in contrast to previous solutions, offers benefits in terms of cost, assembly and weight that make it the best solution in these areas. 


Photo credit: Land Rover 

Land Rover Hutchinson Flush technology