Hutchinson launches a new generation of anti-vibration solutions

hutchinson automotive antivibration solutions

Limiting the transmission of vibrations via innovative systems is key know-how at Hutchinson. As the transition to hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV and BEV) accelerates, new challenges must be addressed to adapt vehicle architectures to these new energy sources.  

Hutchinson has developed two new systems in thermoplastic materials to reduce the weight of vehicles and improve their acoustic performance. These systems guarantee durability for manufacturers and comfort for users.    

  • See videos of the Rear Differential Mounting Bracket and the eCompressor Isolating Bracket. 

The eCompressor Isolating Bracket, which isolates the passengers in a vehicle from vibrations generated by the air conditioning compressor. 


The Rear Differential Mounting Bracket, which reduces the vehicle’s weight and improves its vibratory and acoustic behavior.

These systems enable significant weight reductions with the use of our thermoplastic material technologies. Using our modeling tools, our experts can define and adapt the system to meet the technical and ergonomic requirements of each manufacturer. 

hutchinson automotive antivibration solutions