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Hutchinson is on General Motors’ new Silverado and Sierra Pickup Trucks

The American manufacturer is renewing its confidence to Hutchinson with a new order for its pickup truck and off-road vehicle platforms: the Stretchy Belt®.


Drawing on a long experience in the use of elastic belts on simple belt drive applications, Hutchinson has been chosen by General Motors for the conversion of the accessory belt drive system of its new “Light Trucks” platform to elastic belts. The Stretchy Belt®, operating without any tensioning system, is now applied for the first time to the main, known as serpentine belt drive on all the platform’s V6 and V8 proposed engines, including their 2019 flagship Silverado and Sierra models. Other models will soon benefit from this technology which advantageously provides weight and cost reduction as well as limited maintenance work.


The Stretchy Belt® is part of a range of solutions provided by Hutchinson to meet its customers’ requirements in weight, consumption and emission reduction, and simplification.