Hutchinson digitizes its plants!


Thanks to digital technologies, Hutchinson is modernizing its plants and changing how its operators work. With the support of the Operational Excellence department, Hutchinson is rolling out a digital transformation policy that revolves around 4 major axes: industrial, product, customers & supplier and employees.

On the sites, digitization is used to optimize the processes and make them sturdier, whether in terms of development, the supply chain or production. Actions are being carried out worldwide, and led by the Operational Excellence department that is providing lean principles for the entire organization.

To improve the performance of its solutions, Hutchinson is focusing on adding sensors or RFID chips to its products. They notably make it possible to gather accurate data on the life of the products, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

The optimization of exchanges with customers & suppliers is also crucial for Hutchinson, notably for the Aerospace activity, which uses collaborative platforms such as Air Supply. Launched by Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales, the platform streamlines “machine to machine” data transfers and structures information exchanges, from planning through to the coordination of hardware needs, and on to payment.

Finally, this digitization is being set up with the use of webcasts, that directly disseminate essential and strategic information in the form of videos to nearly 1000 employees located in some 20 countries.