Hutchinson and Electreon: a winning partnership for sustainable mobility

Electreon Hutchinson Electrify Roads

Identifying start-ups proposing promising solutions for the future is one of the key factors in innovation at Hutchinson. Electreon is one of these start-ups, identified via the SURF* program.

Electreon proposes to charge electric vehicles while they are moving using a complete wireless electric road system, to enable vehicles to be charged while they are being driven. 

This system offers manufacturers the benefit of reducing the size and weight of onboard batteries and thus freeing up space for vehicle fittings, and represents an alternative to charging stations.

The strength of an international company combined with the agility of a start-up 

Hutchinson supplies the inductive segments which transfer the energy to the vehicle’s receiver (the inductors are encapsulated in rubber), thus allowing the batteries of electric vehicles also equipped with a receiver to be charged.  

Hutchinson supports Electreon’s development internationally with the help of the CRI (Center for Research and Innovation) and its sites around the world while providing the start-up with solid experience and knowledge of Mobility markets through its technological expertise. 

This partnership therefore allows the two companies’ technological, industrial and geographical strengths to be combined to contribute to the development of sustainable mobility.

International deployment: Israel, Sweden, Germany, Italy… 

This innovation is currently being deployed in several countries, notably in Germany (Karlsruhe) and in Italy (Lombardy). Tel Aviv was the first city to install the system developed by Electreon, followed by Sweden.

Electreon Hutchinson Electrify Roads