Grand Opening of the 507 Fab House

News_507FabHouse_Grand Opening_13_06_2016

Monday Hutchinson’s new beating heart - the 507 Fab House – was inaugurated on Monday June 13, 2016. This new building opens its doors in the presence of Jacques Maigné (Hutchinson’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) and Patrick Pouyanné (Total’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer) and 200 guests.

This project, spread over nearly two years, represents a strategic investment that reflects both the Group’s focus on its roots and its commitment to the future. This unique, international project is also aligned with our desire to offer a cross-business presentation of Hutchinson’s global range of solutions, while uniting our international teams around welcoming high-tech facilities.

“ I am delighted that you will be able to discover our 507 Fab House, Hutchinson’s beating heart. The renovation of our historic building in Châlette-sur-Loing, close to our Research Center, offers a new way of working, exchanging and innovating.

I firmly believe that innovation is built through exchanges, whether between our employees or with our customers. Our expert capabilities are naturally cross-fertilized across various markets, with progress in one area helping drive innovation in another. Here, all our solutions are presented from a transversal perspective, from customized materials to connected solutions.

Innovating also means sharing our know-how, through training for our teams, and for everyone interested in our business. The 507 Fab House is the melting pot for our company culture. Come and experience Hutchinson’s culture in an architectural environment that combines industrial features with smart designs, crowned by Gustave Eiffel’s original metallic structure.

Moving forward, this site belongs to you. It will be up to you to ensure it continues to grow, establishing it as the beating heart of our Group. »

Jacques Maigné, Hutchinson’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

News_507FabHouse_Grand Opening_13_06_2016