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The FDCA (Rubber foundation) is born

The  FDCA  or  rubber  foundation  was created  on  June  12,  2014  following  an agreement signed between its founding members  and  Fondation  de  France(1). Jacques  Maigné  is  the  first  president of this rubber foundation. Its mission is to further  strengthen  research  and  training  on  rubber  in  order  to  consolidate  our  industry’s competitiveness. the aim is to work upstream  on scientific and technical issues whose results will  help  drive  innovation  processes,  while attracting  young  talents  to  this  industry  and providing them with training. The  FDCA  has  nine  founding  members  representing the diversity of companies across the rubber and polymers industry:

  • Goodyear Dunlop, Hutchinson and Michelin, three major global groups
  •  3  SME  manufacturers  of  technical  rubber-based  parts  (EFJM-Guy  Aubert,  Geffica, Wattelez,)
  • Safic  Alcan,  intermediate-sized  company distributing raw materials
  • Eximium, investment fund
  • SNCP (French trade association for rubber and polymers), industry organization

(1) A  non-profit  public  foundation,  created  in  1969,  it  supports concrete and innovative projects. it takes action in three areas: helping  people,  developing  knowledge  and  protecting  the  environment.