160 students for 24 hours of creativity at the 507 Fab House


On September 15 and 16, 2017, 160 students from 27 engineering, chemistry, business and management schools and universities came together for 24 hours of creativity at the 507 Fab House, Hutchinson’s dedicated venue for innovation.

Hutchinson hosted the first 24H of Innovation® with Hutchinson event at the 507 Fab House on September 15 and 16. The 507 Fab House is perfectly designed for this type of event, making it possible to foster creativity in a vibrant setting, with a series of activities and events throughout the 24 hours. This was a privileged moment for Hutchinson and its partners to gain fresh insights into their business issues, enabling new ideas to emerge.

On September 15, Dorine Bourneton, the world’s first disabled aerobatics pilot and the sponsor for this first 24H of Innovation® with Hutchinson event, launched the countdown at the 507 Fab House. She invited the students to make the impossible possible, embracing Hutchinson’s tagline - “We make it possible”.

On September 16, after 24 hours of briefings, brainstorming and prototyping in multidisciplinary teams coached by professionals, 17 teams from 27 schools had exactly three minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of innovation professionals in response to the subjects proposed by Hutchinson, Total, Air Liquide, Naval Group, Spie Batignolles, EFI Automotive and CETIH, the event’s partners.

The winning teams selected by the panel were as follows:

24H of Innovation with Hutchinson 1st prize:
Subject: “Ultralight compressed gas cylinder”
Subject proposed by Air Liquide.
Team made up of students from: Grenoble INP Phelma, Polytech Orléans, SIGMA Clermont, CPGE design and industrial creation ENS Cachan (Nîmes).

2nd prize: 
Subject: “How to detect and locate anomalies when transporting liquids?”
Subject proposed by Total.
Team made up of students from: Arts et Métiers Talence, ESTIA, Mines Paris, Grenoble INP Phelma, Mines d'Albi.

3rd prize: 
Subject: “Seeing without being seen in marine environments”.
Subject proposed by Naval Group. 
Team made up of students from: ESTIA, SIGMA Clermont, ECPM Strasbourg, Mines d'Albi.

Jury’s choice award: 
Subject: “How can a super sensor be used?”.
Subject proposed by Hutchinson.
Team made up of students from: Centrale Lyon, Polytech Paris, EM Lyon, Grenoble INP Phelma.

To find out all about the 24H of Innovation event: https://www.facebook.com/24hFabHouse

24H of Innovation®
Created by ESTIA engineering school in 2007, the “24H of Innovation®” event is focused on creativity and innovation. The teams, made up of students and coached by professionals, have 24 hours to develop concepts, products and services in line with the business challenges proposed by partner firms. http://24h.estia.fr

Hutchinson has sponsored the Amicale de Voltige Aérienne aerobatics association for more than 20 years. To date, the AVA has trained over 100 aerobatics pilots, including Dorine Bourneton. Each year, the AVA members take part in the official competitions organized by the French aeronautical federation (FFA), as well as various friendly competitions. www.amicale-voltige.comhttp://www.dorinebourneton.fr/