E-Compressor technology on Ford

Ford & Hutchinson

Hutchinson e-compressor vibration isolation technology on Ford electric vehicles

Hutchinson adjusts its portfolio for electric mobility and has been developing for several years a range of “e-compressor brackets” used to isolate passengers of a vehicle from vibrations generated by the electric driven air conditioning compressor.

Hutchinson teams in the United States have launched new versions of the e-compressor bracket, with latest application for the F-150 Lightning, an iconic vehicle now available in dealerships with BEV powertrain.


The e-compressor NVH solution is now fully deployed on Ford’s new generation of electric vehicles: Ford Mustang Mach-E, Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Transit Electric.

Developed with the expertise of NVH (Noise Vibration & Harshness) teams, the e-compressor bracket reduces the vibrations transmitted to the vehicle by up to -30 dB, improving its acoustic signature and the passengers’ comfort perception. The thermoplastic material design also yields weight reduction contributing to extend the BEV vehicle driving range.

Thanks to a highly integrated manufacturing process, Hutchinson will meet the growing production volumes already announced by the manufacturer, who plans to double its forecast volumes by 2023.

Ford & Hutchinson