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Thermoplastic On Glass

Technical Features

  • TPE encapsulation of the glass.
  • Includes a PP or PA division post.
  • Fastens with a clip, rivet or screw.
  • A black matte or glossy finish is applied to the outer division bar, which is snap-fit on the division post.


  • Lightweight
  • Enhanced passenger comfort
  • Stylish
  • Durability
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Carmakers from around the globe fit their vehicles with our Thermoplastic On Glass solution, which complements the glass run channel to perfectly seal the window.  Its patented two-part division post allows easy assembly of hidden frame glass run channels: with the snap-fit locking of the outer division bar, installation is a breeze. As opposed to most solutions that are two or three separate components, our Glass Encapsulation solution is a single part, incorporating glass, weatherstrips and a division bar. In addition to being lightweight, they guarantee a high level of acoustic insulation and a watertight sealing.

  • Products Family: Glass Encapsulation
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