Ball and Seat Valves

Our seats, balls and slabs ensure the leak-free closing and opening of the on-off  valves. Our solutions are designed in line with industry standards or are customized. Offered as a complete kit "seats & balls" or "seats & slabs", they guarantee a perfect fit of the components and perfectly seal the valve.

Technical Features

  • Seats range from 1/4" to 72". Balls range from 1/4" to 56". Slabs range from 1/4" to 48".
  • Wide variety of applications: corrosive or abrasive fluids, high temperature, high pressure, cryogenic conditions, LNG, mining, gas, oil, extreme operating conditions, water and coal tar.
  • ISO 3834 certified overlay welding.
  • Innovative coating surface treatment.
  • Precision fitting.


  • Reliability
  • Quality control
  • Maintenance, repair and overhauling
  • Technical and engineering support