Ice Protection System | Hutchinson

Our Ice Protection System allows aircraft, rotorcraft and drones to fly in even the most extreme weather conditions. It protects fixed parts of the aircraft, such as the wings, air intake and nacelle, and moveable parts, such as the tail rotor and propellers, against ice accretion.
Our Ice Protection Systems equip heavy helicopters and are appreciated by the oil and gas industry for their offshore activities in the North Sea as they improve safety and significantly increase rotorcraft availability.
Our system is used to remove ice from fixed wings on regional and other light aircraft to increase energy efficiency (all-electric aircraft, Horizon 2020: The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation -


  • Products Family: Electro-thermal ice protection products

Technical Features

  • Electro-thermal technology prevents ice accretion, removes ice (rime ice and glaze ice), and controls runback ice.
  • Icing simulation compliant with international standard requirements (FAA FAR 23, FAR 25, FAR 27, FAR 29 / EASA CS 23, CS 25, CS 27, CS29)
  • Expertise in aerodynamics, calculating heat transfers in materials, setting electrical power and heating cycles and materials’ thermal and electrical performances (insulation and conduction).
  • RTCA and EUROCAE standards (SAE ARP4754/ED-79, DO-178/ED-12, DO-254/ED-80)  to reach the “DAL A” safety level for avionics components (ex. Controller)
  • Experience of integrated systems from early design phase and specifications to system validations through close-to-real qualification test.


  • Safety
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sensor Integration